My Why 

My holistic health journey truly started four years ago when I was trying to find a way to naturally heal the acne on my face and back. As I researched, I learned that so many aspects of our lives can be contributors to our health problems. For example, we can’t talk skin issues without discussing the quality of food we’re putting in our bodies, the ingredients in our products, or the toxins in our environment.


As I shared my journey on social media, I started to get more DM’s from people asking for advice. This led me to make 2 big decisions:

earn my Holistic Nutritionist Certification and start this blog! Not only did I want to feel better equipped to answer people’s questions, but I also wanted to create a resource I wish I had at the start of my holistic health journey.

My goal is to get women to take control of their health by asking themselves "What am I actually putting on, in and around my body and how is that impacting me?" 

I'm by no means a doctor or perfect but I hope by sharing my journey & knowledge,  I can help inspire you to be healthy.

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