• brittanykurtz

5 Healthy Morning Habits for Success

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Start your day out right!

There are many different morning routines along with tips and tricks out there but I’ve kept this list to five because long-term change starts with baby steps. Take it from a lady who used to rush out the door, forget to eat, and always seemed stressed and overwhelmed—these habits WORK.

Remember it takes 21 days (3 weeks) to form one new habit. If you need to start the change by choosing just one of these, go for it!

#1 Wake up at the same time every day

This tip applies to weekends especially! Your circadian rhythm is so important to your quality of health. When you wake up (and go to bed) at the same time every day it allows you to get quality sleep. While you’re sleeping your cells are rejuvenating, memories are being filed, kidneys are cleansing and growth hormones are produced—helping with body tissue and keeping weight down.

#2 Affirmations in the morning

Reading or repeating positive affirmations when you wake up allows you to start your day in a good headspace. So often many of us wake up and open social media (or emails), exposing ourselves to other people’s energy, good or bad news, or even lets jealousy creep in early. Some ways to start your day with positive affirmations is to journal, have some posted to your mirror, or if you’re going to open up your phone have a positive message as your background.

#3 Make your bed

There’s a saying that successful people make their beds every morning. The concept is, if you start your day by completing a task you’re more likely to accomplish the rest of your to-do list. I started instilling this habit a few years ago and now I feel totally thrown off if my bed isn’t made! Plus a clear environment helps to provide a sense of calm and creativity in the mind.

#4 Move your body

Human beings were not made to sit for hours (we all know that) but yet if you’re like me, you may get to the end of the day and realize you barely even gotten steps in. Moving your body can look so different to everyone. For me it’s been stretching or yoga, for others it could be taking the dog for a walk. Moving your body helps to create dopamine (happy hormone) which can decrease stress and even depression. Who doesn’t want to start their day on a happy note?!

#5 Set your intentions

What do you want to accomplish today? Even if you’re not a stickler for following a to-do list, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Do that every day and see where it gets you it’s the little decisions that will add up in the long run.