• brittanykurtz

5 Ways To Be Healthy at Restaurants

Social situations don't mean you have to give up your health goals.

Making the decision to eat healthier can feel daunting when it comes to social situations. One common hobby many of us enjoy doing is going out to eat. It’s a great excuse to get out of the house, see friends, and you don’t have to clean up the kitchen afterward. But how do you make sure you won’t fall into the old habits of ordering your favorite fried dish? First and foremost: it’s okay to treat-yo-self. This is not a fad-diet. You’re trying to make life long habits and never enjoying your favorite not-so-healthy food is not realistic. Infact that mindset can be discouraging. However, you do want to keep in mind how often do you eat out and how many times do you treat yourself? Every little decision can bring you closer or farther from your goals.

If your goal is to be more intentional about what to eat, here are five ways to improve your eating habits at a restaurant.

1. Look at menu beforehand

This tip is so helpful to set you up for success. By looking at the menu online you can figure out what meals serve your health needs, look at photos and reviews on Yelp, and collect any questions you might have. This allows you to avoid making a hasty decision with a hungry stomach (that version of Brittany goes straight to fried food).

2. Ask how they prepare food

If you know you’re trying to avoid particular ingredients like dairy, gluten, or excess oil, it’s helpful to know what’s in the food and how it’s made. This gives you the chance to have more control of what goes in your body!

3. Get sauces on the side

If your goal is weight-loss then I recommend this tip. Sauces in restaurants are often loaded with extra saturated fat, sugar, and salt. Most places are super accommodating and doing this allows you to limit how much goes on your food. Some examples of sauces would be salad dressings, marinara, Alfredo, queso, cream sauces, etc

4. Don't be afraid to remove or swap items

You picky eaters already know this one Have no shame asking to remove the ingredients that don’t serve your needs. This is particularly useful if you know you have a food allergy or intolerance!

Don’t want that extra bacon? Swap it for some fresh fruit. Trying to cut down on unhealthy carbs? Sub in a side salad. It’s pretty simple and I’ve watched many restaurant tailor meals for their guests.

5. Stick with water

I know—it’s so temping to order your favorite pop or that delicious cocktail! If this is your treat-yo-self moment, by all means you enjoy those beverages. But if you’re trying to cut sugar and excess calories I recommend you stick with water. This is a prime opportunity to get some of those 8 cups of water in your day, saves you money, and gives your body what it really needs!

I hope these tips help you navigate your next restaurant outing and if you discover some of your own that work I’d love for you to share with me on Instagram @brittbehealthy or email at brittbehealthy@gmail.com.