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Clean Living: What's In Your Products

Updated: Feb 14

What you put on and around your body is as important as what you put in it.

Most people know they should incorporate a proper diet and get some exercise for their health, but often the impact of what they’re exposed to everyday gets overlooked.

Some common sources of problematic toxins in our environments are:

  • Processed factory farmed food

  • BPA Plastic– food and drink packaging especially

  • Flame retardants in furniture

  • Cleaning products

  • Beauty products

It really sank in with me how susceptible the body is to environmental toxins when I first learned about a study done in 2010. Researchers took blood samples from 77 pregnant women, and after they gave birth the umbilical cords were tested. The research found that 80% of the same toxic chemicals found in the mother’s blood sample was also in the umbilical cord, indicating that at least some of the chemicals passed to the children.

The chemicals and environmental toxins we are exposed to can interrupt our hormones, body functions, and even cause cancer. Although it’s incredibly difficult to live in a completely pure and “clean” environment, there are things you can control.

  • Limit animal product consumption or purchase humanely raised organic options

  • Switch to glass Tupperware and water bottles

  • Avoid cleaning products with hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium or potassium hydroxide or ethanolamine’s.

  • Choose beauty products that don’t have parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or the word “fragrance”. Fragrance is an overarching word that allows companies to not list all their ingredients.

  • Wash produce to eliminate pesticides and other germs and bacteria it’s collected on the way to your kitchen.

  • Buy an air purifier for your home to help cleanse the air of toxins (especially if you live in a polluted city).

I hope you found this information useful and feel inspired to start implementing at least some of these into your own lifestyle! Share with me your thoughts and reach out if you have any questions at brittbehealthy@gmail.com or DM on Instagram @brittbehealthy.

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