• brittanykurtz

My Five Favorite Thrive Market Snacks

Less processed and more flavor

When you make the decision to improve your diet, the hardest part may be finding better snacks. Although I recommend limiting how many processed foods you consume, sometimes you need a few snacks to reach for or bring on the go.

I get most of my snacks from Thrive Market. They give you access to a plethora of quality foods and products at a discounted price and deliver it straight to your door. Think Whole Foods but cheaper. It’s especially helpful if you live in a more rural area that doesn’t have a lot of healthier options available.

When my package arrives, It feels like Christmas. When I get the text that my box is out for delivery, my husband and I check the door every hour excited for our goodies– LOL I wish I was kidding. I should mention, this post is NOT sponsored by Thrive Market. I just like them and want to introduce you to some of YOUR new favorite things.

So here’s is my cumulated list of my favorite snacks from Thrive Market (you can find some at other stores too but not always at a cheaper price).

If you sign up for a Thrive Market membership with this link you’ll get 25% off your first order too http://thrv.me/WL1yJw

1. Siete Tortilla chips – Nacho flavor

I’m obsessed with all their chip flavors but Nacho is my favorite! I think it tastes like a cross of a pringle and a Dorito (two of my favorite snacks I gave up years ago). Siete makes their products grain free and with quality ingredients! If you have dietary restrictions, these are gluten-free, vegan, and paleo.

2. Simple Mills Almond Flour Brownie Baking Mix

Okay- you actually have to prepare these but trust me, it’s worth it!!! I love brownies and these ones turn out great every time. Sweetened with mostly coconut and made with almond flour, they’re a great option for your sweet-tooth. I use butter in mine but you can swap that for coconut oil. These don’t last long in my house.

3. Organic Barbecue Chickpea Puffs by Hippeas

If you like barbecue chips, you’ll like these!! Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. They have the perfect crunch and tangy flavor. You have to be careful though, the bags are small and there’s four servings in one so these are best eaten in moderation.

4. Heavenly Organics Almond Honey Patties

When I have a road trip I always need chocolate & these are perfect to tuck in a bag! They’re made with only three ingredients: dark chocolate, raw honey, and almond flavoring. The brand also has a variety of other flavors such as mint which is my husband’s favorite. These taste like quality gourmet chocolates that are actually good for you.

5. FitJoy Grain Free Pretzels, Himalayan Sea Salt

It’s been forever since I’ve had pretzels because most are loaded with salt and added crap ingredients. Finally though I’ve found a brand that offers a quality pretzel! These are gluten-free made with only a handful of ingredients and less sodium. In fact, I’m munching on them now while I type this. These are gluten-free and dairy-free and taste SO GOOD. In addition, the brand donates proceeds from every purchase to help feed children in need.