• brittanykurtz

Why You Should Consider a Plant-Based Diet

It's not another fad-diet, it's a healing lifestyle change.

70% of Americans are malnourished but how is that possible when food is so readily available?!

It’s because many of us aren’t eating to fuel our bodies, but to appease our cravings (which typically don’t serve us). The American diet is called the “meat-sweet diet”. We’ve been raised to see meat as our main course of every meal and the prime source for protein and fat. We’ve also been conditioned to crave sugar because it’s pumped into almost all processed foods. Both these things have so much research linking them to chronic illnesses (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure) and cancers!

Another way people accidentally become malnourished is through fad diets. The intention to be healthier is there but eliminating all carbs, fearing fats, or increasing certain foods can leave you missing or over-consuming key essentials for your body!

If you want to heal your body, strengthen your immune system, lose weight and keep it off, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, and feel overall BETTER—there is so much research on the benefits of switching to a mostly whole-food plant-based diet. Try 90% food that grows from the ground and 10% meat, animal products, and your favorite treats.

Plant based foods have high levels of nutrients and way less calories--a combination you don't get with a meat-sweet diet. They're also extremely healing! Cruciferous vegetables are highly recommended to people battling cancer because of their high levels of Sulforaphane (a powerful compound that attacks bad cells).

Colorful fruits and veggies are also healing. They are high in antioxidants, which helps repair damaged cells (and if left damaged the cells can turn into chronic illnesses or cancer). Plant foods can also help to balance our detoxification systems which cleans out the digestive organs of excess toxins, matter, and hormones.

Trust me, I enjoy a good steak and still treat myself to some sweets but that’s my 10%. My husband and I have been shifting our diet to mostly plants and have seen jaw dropping improvements in our health! Follow my personal journey on my Instagram @brittbehealthy.

No diet is perfect but if you can get these servings into your diet every day you’re on the right track!